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Show Partners ® Founder Resumes Role of President

Altamonte Springs, FL ? October 1, 2011 - Show Partners ® announced that founder and CEO Michael S. Mantovani has resumed the role of president. Mantovani will assume direction of the company?s strategic and operational initiatives with three primary objectives: develop strategies to better support the needs of Show Partners clients, diversify and strengthen relationships with vendors and freelancers, and realign the company based on the original mission statement and core values.

About Show Partners:

Show Partners is a professional services company that offers national broadcast, cable and corporate clients an effective, single-source provider of high-value program design, production management and network services. Founded in 1985, Show Partners is highly regarded by clients such as FOX, CBS, NBC, FUEL TV and SPEED for its ability to design, execute and manage complex shows, many with unique and challenging constraints.

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